YES! I want my child to get the tools to create his dream life 

The Results:

Boost self-esteem

Focused explanations and activities designed to  put into perspective self-judgement as well as tools to help with assertiveness and self-confidence.

Introduce the concept of inner power

Awareness of the fact that we are the most influential player in our own life now and forever is essential to achieving what we want and to reach one's potential.


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Reinforce Perseverance and Resilience

Learning not to be afraid to lose nor to fear failure, embracing challenges, persevering and building resilience are habits to develop early on.


Contribute to building balanced relationships

Establishing balanced relationships as well as understanding and managing emotions are the prerequisite of happiness but are also what will differentiate us from artificial intelligence.

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Develop optimism and 

Both optimism and gratitude can be learned. By developing regular practice, these habits will be useful all your child's life.

Encourage adaptability and independence

Being your own locomotive/engine and managing to adapt to any circumstances are  essential to the world that awaits our children.


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What's in our Notebooks?


By integrating the latest research in neuroscience by Stanislas Dehaene, Daniel Siegel or Carol Dweck, Fabulogram puts the brain at the heart of emotional intelligence.


Fabulogram uses tried and tested tools available to parental coaches, sport coaches and teenage coaches to encourage and motivate children to reach for their goal and create their dream life.

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Positive psychology

Fabulogram takes into account the latest research by Professors M. Seligman, C Peterson and Dacher Keltner in the field of positive psychology and the science of happiness.


Creating good habits with the use of tools from cognitive behavioural therapy will enable children to change the way they think and behave in a long lasting way.

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The science of education

Stories, exercises, challenges... A varied approach requiring active participation and repeat tasks to allow learning and new concept assimilation.

The science of happiness

Drawing from the expertise of The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, Fabulogram places children's happiness at the core of each program.

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YES! I want my child to get the tools to create his dream life