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The Fab Team


 Two sisters created Fabulogram 

to empower children to create their dream life

Their team draws on expert knowledge and the best resources available to create this website


Laure-Aglaé has her two feet in the ground!

She has a strong scientific background (BSc from Imperial College London), worked for 11 years as a Chartered Accountant, and lived all over the world for 13 years (Tokyo, London, Moscow, Aberdeen, Africa). After that (and two children), she trained as a professional coach (RNCP 1, Haute Ecole de Coaching, Paris) for adults and children. 

She is the Scientific side of Fabulogram!

Donatienne, has a wild creative mind!

It is not uncommon to see her with a bit of paint in her hair... After working in marketing for Philips and on several creative projects, she trained in NLP, positive psychology, the science of happiness and education sciences (Penn University, UC Berkeley, Columbia University). She is also a certified coach in positive parenting in primary schools in London.

She is the creative side of Fabulogram!

Our consulting psychologist, Dalila Pilot Hammoud

Clinical psychologist for children, teenagers and adults, Dalila reviews and validates Fabulogram's notebooks with her serious academic background (Master in Clinical Psychology and Master in Developmental Psychology) and her hands on experience in hospital and private practice. 

YES! I want my child to get the tools to create his dream life 

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