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6 secrets to reach your goal

The end of the year is often an opportunity to look back on the past year and to set new goals for the coming year. But did you know that on average a good resolution only lasts a week?* So how do you set a goal, move forward and not give up at the first obstacle?  

Research shows that determination and willpower is not enough to reach a goal: the establishment of routines and habits around the behaviour that one wishes to develop leads more surely to our goals, and determines our success! So what shall we put in place to reach our goal?


6 secrets to reach your goal:

1. Define a goal that is meaningful, is challenging yet realistic, then write it down.**

2. Take inspiration from those who have already achieved the goal you would like to achieve. Look at how they did it, take them as example, and take action.

3. Follow your goals in writing every week and periodically: this is crucial to maintain your commitment to this goal. Failure to do so is the surest way to give up on your goal, because we subconsciously tell our brains that we are not fully committed to those goals.

4. Commit to doing things by developing a new habit. Discipline, regularity and efforts will pay off when it comes to building a new habit. In a few months***, these new practices will become second nature, and you won’t even think of not doing them!

5. Give yourself rewards, emotional rather than material. The former (satisfaction, adrenaline, health, pride, confidence etc ...) are built from within and last, unlike the latter, which are still a good start! This will help with motivation.

6. Find someone or a group to hold you regularly accountable for your goals.


At Fabulogram, we believe that setting goals is in itself a good habit to take in order to grow and to develop our self-confidence.


There is no age to start developping a good habit! This is why we have created a Notebook to guide your children to define and reach their goal. Our notebook will help them to identify their routines, develop a plan and learn how to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their goal.


Ideal for a fabulous start to 2020! And why not do it as a family, so that everyone can witness the commitment of others?


Find out more here.

*The resolution solution: longitudinal examination of New Year's change attempts, University of Scranton, Norcross JC et Al, 1989

** Goals research summary, Dr. Gail Matthews, Dominican University in California, 2015. 

** How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world, Phillippa Lally and Al, University College London, 2009

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