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Fab reviews!

I got a Fab Notebook on How to Reach a Goal as a Christmas stocking filler for my son to start the New Year with a new dream. It's such a lovely edition, high-quality print, visuals and content that's appropriate and motivational for children. My son who previously thought that he's not good at drawing is now spending hours perfecting his rockets, planes and football team logos.

Thank you Fabulogram for giving him the confidence to change his mindset and behaviour! S.K.

The Confidence Boost notebook really helped my daughter to realise that she was already good at a lot of things. She especially liked the Art Therapy exercise, which we re-did a few times since.

"For my daughter, I got the notebook on assertiveness because it was getting a bit tricky with one of her friend at the playground. The notebook really helped her - she particularly enjoyed 'The Brain Newspaper' and loved the drawings.

S, mother of Paloma, 8 years old.

"Hello, it was great yesterday [the coaching for my 8 year old son] with Laure-Aglaé.Thank you. "


"Congratulations for this beautiful work, everything is very interesting and it's really professional. The graphics are cool too! L.

"I bought the notebook on assertiveness for my son. He was a little reluctant at first but after trying out a few things, he himself saw an improvement. At the end of the notebook he ended up saying to me " thank you mum for the notebook."

Amelie, mother of Lucas, 11 years old

"My daughter is very jealous of her sister, I gave them both the" Jealous "notebook and it allowed us to put things into perspective and talk more."

Stephanie, mum of Marion 7 and Eleonore 9

"I bought 'I Need A Confidence Boost' for my daughter who tends to compare herself to others, and it made her realise that she is not the only one with "weaknesses" and that she has plenty of strengths. Above all, she realised that she was able to learn a lot of things and train to improve.

Thank you Fabulogram for this really useful notebook."

Laure, mom of Camille 9 years old

"I'm happy, I can see that my son liked the coaching and that it seems to have helped his lack of self-confidence." J.

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