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The magic umbrella: a tool to protect yourself from other people's reactions

A story to share with your children


Tonight, Marc was dreading the next day at school. He had learnt his poem but was still making some mistakes, and was afraid his teacher would shout at him saying that he was lazy or that the children in the class would making fun of him. In bed, he remembered what his mother had told him about the magic umbrella.


When it rains and we do not want to get wet, we take an umbrella to protect ourselves. Rain is not our fault, is it? Well other people, and their reactions - when we do our best - are not our fault! Their reactions belong to them not us!


There could be :

- a teacher who would be content to give a grade without any comment,

- another who would say that the performance was appalling,

- a teacher who would know that Marc made efforts and would tell him,

- while another would find that the tone was right,

- and finally another would have found that the tone was wrong!

- or a friend who tell him that he recited like a robot ...


So many different opinions and reactions! Everyone perceives things differently, not because of us, but because of their experiences and therefore their thoughts.


The next day, before his performance, Marc decided to open his magic umbrella, so that the reactions of the teacher or children in the class would glide on the umbrella like rainwater. Marc knew that he had done his best to revise, and that he would do his best to perform, and that made him proud, whatever the teacher thought or other children would say.

Do you like this story? When you do your best, are you always afraid of other people's reactions? Could you use the magic umbrella next time? How are you going to remember?


Detaching yourself from the reactions of others is one of the many things we teach children at FABULOGRAM! Find out how!

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