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Help! I'm stressed! 6 ideas for your child to try out on his own


Is your child easily stressed?

Does he have trouble falling asleep?

Do you want him to have tools to evacuate his stress and become more zen?

But really you do not have the time to spend 30 minutes with him every night to handle that in addition to everything you need to do! Your mental load is already overflowing ...


What you need are simple and fun ideas that he can and wants to do every single day!


Here they are! They have been tested and approved by our children! Of course, if you decide that this is a moment you want to spend together and that you also benefit from it, then that's great!


# 1. Lie down on a carpet, put a tennis ball on his chest and breathe through the belly - laughter assured therefore relaxation assured too, either by breathing or laughter!


# 2. Do 5 minutes of cardiac coherence on a phone or tablet: download the free Kardia app. Your child can follow the screen or can close their eyes and be guided by the music. On IOS: https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/kardia-deep-breathing/id998569123?l=en

On Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.labnasounds.kardiafree&hl=en


# 3. Listen to a meditation story just before sleeping: download it to an MP3 player: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/calm/id571800810


# 4. Make him watch 10 minutes of a cats' video, nothing more hilarious! on Youtube


# 5. The Fireball: Block your breath and contract each of your muscles in your body as hard as possible, including face, imagining yourself as a fireball for 15 seconds. Release by blowing. Feel what's going on in the body for about 10 seconds. Repeat again 2 times.

# 6. Take a balloon (or a whoopy cushion !!! but do not blow too hard then!). Think about what stresses you and blow all our worries inside the balloon. Imagine the worries are prisoners in the balloon and as small as in "Honey I shrunk the kids".


These techniques are transient relaxation techniques. They do not solve the underlying problem. To deal deeply with emotions, you have to learn to look at them and manage them.

Managing emotions is one of the many things we teach children in FABULOGRAM!

Join the adventure!

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