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What age is the notebook for?

The Confidence Notebook is aimed at children 8 to 12, although we also know of  some adults who've enjoyed reading it ;-)

Some Notebooks are for children aged 8-14. 

The online training "The power is within you" is for children 10-16

I would like a luxury printed version

The downloadable version is available immediately. If you would prefer a printed version, you can pre-order our beautiful premium recycled-paper Notebook here.

It will be available for delivery at the end of February 2020. 

How many pages is the Notebook?

The Confidence Notebook is 19 pages of stories, activities, challenges, quizzes, research snipets and humoristic ilustrations in an A5 format. We recommend to fill in about 4 pages at a time as it is so packed with life changing tools!

Is there going to be any work for me?

The Notebook is designed to be read by your child independently.

They may ask you questions after reading it -it can be an opportunity to share things with your child.

In any case we're pretty sure you'll love reading it yourself!

How to present the notebook to my child

"It seems that a lot of people get help from coaches nowadays, business executives, and even and especially stars. Katie Perry has her own coach, footballers have one too, even Bill Gates has a coach. It helps get what you want, put things into perspective and create the life of your dreams, without wasting time and feeling bad for nothing. More and more people use coaches because it has been proven that it works really well! Coaches give you the tools to find your own solutions and inner strengths! "


"Would you also like to have a coach like them? The Fabulogram notebooks were written by two coaches especially for children your age. It is short with fun activities and you are only meant to read 3 or 4 pages at a time. There are different themes to cover exactly what YOU need and so that the tools in the notebooks are the tools YOU need in your situation. You can read it on your own, have a look with a parent or have a coach check it with you."

How to present the coaching to your child

"To help you with the notebook, we can book coaching sessions. It's 4 times 15 minutes on Skype."


"The coach is an open and friendly person and is there to accompany you in the progression of the notebook. His questions he will help you understand your difficulties, and show you that you are able to change. The coach will help you find your strengths and use them, and will encourage you to find your own solutions to overcome any difficulty.

It's like singers or top athletes who have coaches, to help them reach their goal faster! The coach is a person you can trust, to whom you can tell anything and who is there to help you achieve what you want."

Any Other Question? 

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