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Bill Gates - "Everyone Needs a Coach"

In a Ted Talk, Bill Gates claims that “Everyone needs a coach, whether we are a CEO, leader, teacher, basketball player or bridge player, we all need people who will help us reach our goals…”

But what is a coach and why do we actually need one? And do your children need one too? Find out our thoughts here.


What is a coach?

There are many definitions of a ‘coach’, but we feel that this one sums it up quite well:

“A coach supports a person to achieve a specific goal, solve an issue or reach his potential by providing the right questions and tried and tested tools and techniques (1) to empower him or her.” 

When we want our children to improve their performance in a chosen sport, music, chess or languages, or even math, we don’t think twice about hiring a teacher or a tutor. So why aren’t we hiring someone to help us along with our general well-being and social skills?


Coaches are for everyone

Many of us feel that having a life coach means that something is wrong with us or with our children, or we feel reluctant to admit that we may need external help.

Getting the help of a coach means we’re admitting we don’t know everything — and that can be a blow to our ego, but we should see coaching as a performance accelerator more than anything else.

Getting expert help is actually something that all successful people do. Those who succeed know that in order to be their absolute best, they need to be constantly improving. And to improve, they need to learn new skills, change the way they currently do things, or change the way they look at things.

Coaches add so much value (2), that even the most successful entrepreneurs use them: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs... Curiously the best performers all have coaches.


Including children and teens…

A life coach for children can help with the implementation of skills that will improve relationships with teachers, parents, siblings and peers, help the child become more confident or more assertive, assist the child to manage his anxiety or help him reach his goals.

By allowing your children to know themselves better, you’ll empower them to create a life that reflects who they are and what they truly want. By giving them the tools and the techniques early on, you’re saving them years of self-reflection, struggle and re-adjustment later on. Coaching reveals skills, potential and resourcefulness.

By empowering your children now to take control of their life, you are giving them an advantage they will always have. So if you don’t have a coach yourself, well, think about it but if your children don’t have one, think about them!

At Fabulogram, we use the latest tools and techniques available to coaches, including CBT (3), which is has been proven to efficiently and positively modify the structure of the brain. We also try to make the coaching in our notebooks short, fun and efficient, so your children can have access to the best techniques and tools available and actually use them!



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