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What matters is not failure, it's what we decide to do when we fail


JK Rowling, Harry Potter’s famous author was turned down 12 times by publishers when she sent them her manuscript.


Divorced, broke, these rejections did not stop her, on the contrary, she promised herself to continue to contact publishers until she received rejections from all. Finally, she managed to find a small London publisher who agreed to publish her manuscript.


Learning how to handle failure makes us stronger. Let’s not fear failure or try to avoid it. What is important in the face of difficulties or failure is what WE DECIDE to do.


We have a choice: give up our dream and think that we have failed or, continue to try and see the failure as a mere obstacle. And this, like anything else, can be learned!


A tale of perseverance to share with your children…


Perseverance is one of the things we teach children at FABULOGRAM!

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