YES! I want my child to get the tools to create his dream life 

About Us

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Fabulogram's mission is to empower children aged 8 to 16 by giving them the tools they need to be happy today and ready for the future.


We believe in children's infinite abilities. We think they just need a little help - a few tools - to develop their emotional intelligence (EI) and inner strength to create the life they really want. What we want more than anything in the world is that every child reaches his full potential and realizes his dreams, and this can be achieved through the development of strong emotional skills: self-esteem, social skills, self-confidence, adaptability, resilience, communication, emotional management, independence and perseverance.

Fabulogram has developped tools that are directly aimed at 8-16 year olds to boost their self-confidence, strengthen their resilience, develop their optimism or encourage their independence. The notebooks have been designed to help them overcome  specific problems while the 8 week program "The Power Is Within You" is designed to develop  10 emotional and social skills deemed essential to a serene and successful life.

Why only start from 8 onwards? Because before this age, it is essentially for parents to do the work, but starting from 7 when the prefrontal cortex begins to mature, children move away from being controlled by their reptilian brain and can start managing their own emotions. Fabulogram choses to help children directly so they feel empowered and develop the confidence to believe in their dreams and in their ability to turn them into reality.

YES! I want my child to get the tools to create his dream life